The Malvína Futurama nursery provides care and support for small children aged 1 to 3. Typically this is the children’s first stay outside the circle of their family, and we place special emphasis on catering to children’s individual needs with custom-tailored care. There are a maximum of 15 children and 3 aunts in the classroom.

The nursery Malvina is commonly entered by children with diapers, pacifiers or their own bottle. In cooperation with our parents, we gradually unleash them all.

We develop children’s basic social skills in an age-appropriate manner, we help children improve their motor skills, and we support and guide their overall healthy development. The priority is to acquire independence, for example such as managing to wash hands, eating independently, being able to tide up toys on the right place, being without diapers and a pacifier, being able to go to the potty, and later to the toilet. We train all the skills needed to enter the preschool class. 

The way we provide care is designed to provide the children in our care with a safe, loving, and calm environment.