Malvina Futurama Preschool

The Malvína Futurama preschool prepares children for primary school using a unique educational programme with a focus on the creative arts and the English and German languages.

The programme includes yoga lessons led by a physical therapist, music lessons with the director of the Mifun children’s choir, and creative arts lessons with an art school graduate painter.

Our Team

Into our team, we chose teachers, who are specialists in their profession, they have a long-time experience with teaching of children and they can develop children´s talent and personality. But the most important criteria is the feeling for working with small children, warm and individual approach.

Alžběta Frimlová

Executive director


Evangelical Academy Prague – Social Care Services, Ongoing studies of Special Education, UJEP


Social Care Institute Sulická, CCG Hospital Krč., Founder and Executive Director of Malvína since 2012.

Mgr. et Mgr.

Veronika Chejn



Charles University in Prague, master´s degree in Special Education and the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice master´s degree in Rehabilitation - Psychosocial Care for Handicapped Children, Adults and Seniors


Assistant teacher in a kindergarten in Prague, personal assistant at a nonprofit organization, professional nanny and volunteer at the Children's Centre in Australia

Barbora Šlajerová



Colleague Evropská , social - pegagogy


Preschool teacher in international kindergarten

Eliška Muchová

Teaching assistant


High pedagogic school in Litoměřice


Lecturer of ceramics (basic school) and flute (pre school), tutoring of math and physics pupils of grammar school


Eva Pospíšilová

Yoga teacher, physiotherapist


Charles´ University of Prague, 1st. Medical faculty – subject physiotherapy Fintness Instructor - Pilates and health swimming. Graduate of two degrees of piano.

Jiří Polívka

Lector of art classes

Education and Experience:

Music teacher and choirmaster. Involved in pedagogical career continuously since 1994. Working with various school types, as well as creating his own artistic projects with children. In the reacent years predominantly works with a child choir Mifun. Plays trumpet, piano, recorders and percussions.

Judita Nováková


Education and Experience:

2 levels of management education program of MSI s.r.o. focused on managerial and commercial skills, training by Hackland Browne&Associates, Canada Long-term couching development program. Certified couch project, a development project concluded with certification - ARK Consulting, s.r.o. 8 years of practical experience under the supervision of psychologist in the development of individuality, self-confidence and motivation

Olga Hakenová

Kitchen maid

Olga cares for the tall and the small ones, prepares snacks and lunches and helps keep our preschool clean.


Jana Grünerová and Amálka Langerová
Dear Mrs. Frimlová,

I would like to thank you for me and Amálka.

Amálka felt in love with the Malvina nursing school. She woke up every morning screaming „yeeaah we go to nursing school“ and packed toys and bags and stuffed animals and clips and all other absolutely necessary things :) and she stood at the doorway dressed in skirt, headdress in her hair and rubber boots.

I rely on the first impression. Professional and human approach, beautiful environment and a program that is prepared for children, convinced me that I chose well. I never heard before, that nursing school would take children to art exhibitions, brought farm animals or go to restaurants for lunch. I admire the patience and I thank you very much for all the energy dedicated to the whole concept of nursing school. Children are lead to independence, cooperation with others and creativity.

Thank you very much and I wish you all the best

Jana Grünerová and Amálka Langerová
We could not ask for a better kindergarten. Tom never ever cried when he had to go to kindergarten - actually on the contrary, he has to be assured that he is going to the kindergarten every day.

Teachers are great, they are really engaged for children,they know them and they trully love them and nothing is a problem. Programs that they are inventing are amazing and incredibly colorful and children develop perfectly.

Tom started going to the Malvína - Futurama (nursery) and now he goes to the Malvína - Karlín (kindergarten) and this change took place without any problem.

Originally I thought that Tom will go to Malvína only to a certain time and then he would eventually change to public kindergarten. Now we know that Tom will remain in Malvína until his school age, because this is how the kindergarten should look like!

We are all in love with Malvina. Thank you!

Marta Hanušová and Adam with Eliška
We learned about Malvina form a friend, who by her undeniable demands for choosing the most suitable nursing school, made the choice clear in our stead. It was no doubt, that her choice will bet he most circumspect. And the final choice was made afthe the very first kind meeting with the headmistress. I am one of those parents, who were blessed with independent children, who even after allready beeing in the nursing school (since 2 years of age), are still looking forward to it every day. It payed of to me to actually prepaire and introduce my children to Malvina in advance, before they started to attend. During my first visit in Malvina, I was impressed by the environment in which Adam will spend his time evry day, joyful, playful, colorful, modern and spacious and most importantly perfectly clean, simply what I could not create for tham at my very home. Adam attends to Malvina every day for a whole day, that is why I know, that children have their programm really innovative and also correspondent to theit interrests and age. For example our Adam is enthusiasticaly teaching us yoga at home, animal greetings to sun in particular, whic he learn in nursing school (when the cobra is curious, it raises its „bodi“ I like that Malvina is considering that every child has different interests and reacts to different impulses, which are than developer individualy. At the same time they teach them thoughtfulness to other children, whil will be so important in the years to come in school desks. When it comes to catering in Malvina, I can only be envious, that suppliers of luch for our children supply also our household on regular basis. Qualivo was absolutely unknown term to me until then. So quality meat and bio food is a standard for nutrition in Malvina. I am convinced taht I chose the best place for Adam to look for friends, discover new interests and also to learn how to respect certain things. I may only hope that in years to come and other schools we will have at least a bit of luck, which we had when we chose Malvina! Marta Hanušová Mother of Adam and Anežka
Lenka and Lukas Schirl
Many thanks to the entire team of Malvína. Now, when holidays are coming, it will be three years our daughter has spent with the team of Malvína. With all my heart I would like to thank you ! To me, you have become a beautiful example that if someone is really into something, does it kindly and puts together a good team, it brings joy not only to children. Writing this, I realize that coming to Malvina everyday was a pleasant morning ritual to me. It wasn´t a day when I had a bad feeling to go there and I consider this to be exceptional and very much appreciate it! Your overall care, organization, communication with children and parents, feedback, amazing daily content including a number of interesting clubs, activities, and especially your attitude to children was a great relief and reward for us in the fast pace of today. Our daughter enjoyed her time with you very much and she is much richier now. Once again, we thank you all for this. I believe that the greatest reward for all of us will be one happy little girl who had an amazing chance to start her life with you! I believe that in her life you will be remembered with love and a smile on her face. Thank you for your attitude, commitment and love you devote to children. Lenka and Lukas Schirl
"We see our mission in a fact that child leaving preschool Malvína and entering the school is ready to fully manage education, actively joining all activities in school and successfuly create relationships, which are so important at this age."


A child who starts school soon must be able to listen, wait for once and should be able to concentrate for a longer time. For this reason we prepare the children for the topics in elementary school for example in expanding the knowledge of numbers and shapes, develop language and writing skills, to increase scientific knowledge, but also about learning to learn, in a playful way.

Part of our curriculum are lessons of art, music, physical exercises in Sokol, yoga lessons, German and English language lessons, Lego education, once a month visit to the theater,  once a month trip to one of the many galleries in Prague, joint actions with parents, activities for parents and much more.

Parents can also use the services of a psychologist, a physiotherapist and a speech therapist for their children.

Timetable for school year 2018/2019

07:30 – 09:00Children´s arrival, free play,
collective welcome, morning stretching
09:00 – 09:30Morning snack
09:30 – 10:30Educational programEducational program, Music lessonEducational program, YogaEducational program Gym lesson
10:30 – 12:30Outdoor walks, games
12:30 – 13:00Hygiene, lunch
13:00 – 13:30Children´s departure
13:00 – 14:45Rest, sleep (duration according to individual
needs of children), reading of fairy tales
14:45 – 15:30Afternoon snack, free play
15:30 – 16:30German lessonEnglish lessonLego education*Art lesson My animal**
16:30 – 17:30Kids choir in Malvína Karlín – Every Thuesday for kids older 4 years, lead by Jiří Polívka – Kids Choir Mifun. Only for those who are interested, this class is not included in total price.
16:30 – 18:00Free play, Children´s departure

* Lego education take place two times per month. 
** My animal take place monthly.

"Our aim is to prepare children for school and all other aspects of life, so that children leave our care content, healthy, stable, and confident, and familiar with the rules of social conduct among peers and in school. We work to provide the children in our care with sufficient space and opportunities for self-expression."


As to the organisation of the school’s lessons, Malvína offers maximum flexibility and comfort to the parents. Parents can choose from various attendance schemes ranging from 3.5 days a week up to an all-day program 5 days a week. Do not hesitate to call us. We are ready to meet your individual needs.

"Our programme is arts-focused we believe that developing creativity and supporting imagination is one of the best ways to help children develop their understanding and awareness of the world and awareness of themselves, to support and nurture their confidence and self-expression, and to help children develop as well-rounded individuals."


Dear Parents,

We are bringing you information on the admission procedure at the Malvína applicable in the school year 2019/2020.

You may apply to Malvína from March to April 2019.

It is also possible to apply for preschool admission during the course of the school year.

Please send your Application form directly to the School Director on the adress of preschool, or by the email. Upon receiving your application, the preschool will contact you to schedule an individual meeting with our management.

At Malvína, you will meet the teachers and you also have the opportunity to visit the classes. At the same time, you will learn more about the environment and facilities at the preschool. During our meeting, we make time to talk about Malvína philosophy, to introduce you to Malvína values, and to review the options that are available within our educational system.

School management evaluates all submitted Applications and sends out Admission Decision Notifications within 30 days of the date of submission. Upon receiving a letter of acceptance, the child’s legal guardian signs the contract and pays the first month’s tuition. Please note that tuition is non refundable.

We would also like to inform you that if the number of applications submitted exceeds our capacity at the Preschool, the following criteria will be assessed at the admission procedure:

1.The order of Application forms received. 
2.Children with full attendance and for the entire school year.
3.Children whose siblings attend the Malvína Preschool or Malvína nursery.

In case of your interest or possible questions please feel free to contact us.

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Malvina Futurama


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Mgr. et Mgr. Veronika Chejn





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Alžběta Daniela Frimlová

Executive director

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