vítejte="Vítejte" v="v" malvíně

The government-accredited international day care Malvína Karlín and art kindergarten Malvína Futurama is located in the attractive and dynamic Prague district of Karlín. The Malvína project is unique in its focus on artistic activities, and we keep developing our model all the time.

We want our kindergarten Malvína Futurama to be the site of happy and contented childhoods, a place children and parents are happy to be coming back.

The long-term goal of our kindergarten is to create the best possible conditions for the overall development of children, their intellect, speech, cognitive processes, self-confidence and their personal development. It is not only by promoting creativity and child imagination that we want to motivate children to think creatively and prepare them for entry into school and life that is meaningful and purposeful.

To all our children we want to pass down, in the form of play, the values we believe in and which are the basis for moral, emotional, and interpersonal competence later in life. These values include tolerance, understanding, moral and social standards, a heathy confidence, respect for others, and most importantly a positive outlook on other people and on life in general.


We care for your children with love, understanding, and a smile.

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