First steps into an unknown world

Apart from a kindergarten that you can  find in the second building, this class is a class of our little ones ♥

Until this age, most children meet nobody else but their parents, brothers and sisters and a couple of friends. Coming to a mini-school with so many people is a big deal for them. Our task is to make it a pleasant experience and leave them memories they will remember for a lifetime.

The most important thing is to create a feeling of safety and love so that the children can play without fear or longing for their parents. In an effort to pay more attention to this class, we have assigned several tutors i.e. two experienced teachers and a nanny.

Our children and us spend time not only playing games, but also gradually learning basic hygiene habits and social rules. Just between you and me: The kids in this class are awfully cute and docile. We are always fascinated by how much progress they make every month. These children are our sunshine!

You can learn more about our teaching staff on the bookmark "Our team", so let's just summarise the most relevant points:

As to this class, we always choose teachers with ample experience, typically young grandmothers able to gain young children’s trust

To fulfil the goal of our curriculum, the teachers use two assistants with language skills. Thanks to these assistants, Czech children come in touch with English and vice versa, foreign-language speaking children in touch with Czech, which is good preparation for continuing in the kindergarten class.

Nannie is available to teachers to help take care of children’s safety. In her role, she can recognize if a child needs to be soothed or encouraged!


Who is who?




Each class is led by two graduated and (above all) experienced teachers, whose tasks include preparing children for the first class by games and more complex tasks. They develop children’s emotional sphere, motor skills and socialisation in a group. Being very friendly to children, they show them rules the children will follow for the rest of their lives.

Teacher's assistant

Assists our skilled teachers by significantly participating in the educational process. Teacher's assistant is always nearby to help with all the little things of daily life. Teacher's assistant follows instructions of the teachers, helps children with special educational needs as well as with gifted children.

English and sports teacher

encourages children to move, love sports and live a healthy lifestyle. One of his key tasks is to develop speaking skills of a child in several respects. He sensitively helps foreign-language speaking children integrate in a team and, on the other hand, improve English language skills of Czech children.

Bilingual assistant

In our kindergarten there is a lot of children whose mother language is not Czech, using Czech as a means of communication at different levels or not speaking Czech at all. The bilingual assistant strives to facilitates the children’s first days at school. In addition to the language barrier, a child who does not understand a language tends to feel lonely and lost. A bilingual assistant can help the child feel welcome and safe. The main benefit of a bilingual assistant is his/her advanced level of mastering a second language, which allows him/her to control how each foreign-language speaking child speaks - directly or, indirectly (e.g. using communication cards etc.)