As a team member you can do more!

Our traditional kindergarten class is designed for children aged between 3 and 4 years. At this point, our children know how to say hello and that they should wash their hands before eating. It's time to learn more.

Experienced teachers can notice what makes a child stand out, and gradually support children in their love of music, painting or, creating buildings from bricks. Perhaps this is where they will start up their career, be it of a famous violinist, gifted graphic designer or world-renowned architect.

Every day, two teachers and an assistant give children creative tasks and support their imagination. Using various games and stories, they help kids find a place in their micro-world and gain confidence they will one day need in real life.

But the biggest challenge in this period is to show children how to cooperate, be polite and help each other to make new friends.

Our teachers help children grow up not as solo players (fighting against the world around) but as members of a team. These are the fundaments for children attending a preschool and later a school.

Sport plays a key role in this effort. Children at this age love to move. They see for the first time that playing can have rules. The energy released by cheerful hopping is suddenly used for competing, motor skills exercises and learning how to play fair.

In our team you will always find one athlete to support children’s joy of moving and lead them in the right direction. Right now it is a role for Sheldon, a native English speaker, and a rugby player for our national team. One can hardly imagine a better assistant!


Who is who?




Each class is led by two graduated and (above all) experienced teachers, whose tasks include preparing children for the first class by games and more complex tasks. They develop children’s emotional sphere, motor skills and socialisation in a group. Being very friendly to children, they show them rules the children will follow for the rest of their lives.

Teacher's assistant

Assists our skilled teachers by significantly participating in the educational process. Teacher's assistant is always nearby to help with all the little things of daily life. Teacher's assistant follows instructions of the teachers, helps children with special educational needs as well as with gifted children.

English and sports teacher

encourages children to move, love sports and live a healthy lifestyle. One of his key tasks is to develop speaking skills of a child in several respects. He sensitively helps foreign-language speaking children integrate in a team and, on the other hand, improve English language skills of Czech children.

Bilingual assistant

In our kindergarten there is a lot of children whose mother language is not Czech, using Czech as a means of communication at different levels or not speaking Czech at all. The bilingual assistant strives to facilitates the children’s first days at school. In addition to the language barrier, a child who does not understand a language tends to feel lonely and lost. A bilingual assistant can help the child feel welcome and safe. The main benefit of a bilingual assistant is his/her advanced level of mastering a second language, which allows him/her to control how each foreign-language speaking child speaks - directly or, indirectly (e.g. using communication cards etc.)